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Baby Bunnies (R.I.P.)

    Cocoa raids a nest of newborn rabbits in the back yard. I lament a missed opportunity.

Something told me to go outside with Cocoa this morning and spend time with her in the yard. I usually just let her out for awhile to sniff and do her business, and this morning was no different, with the exception of that nagging hunch. I should have listened.

When I poked my head out the door ten minutes later, I saw her toying with something a few inches long in the middle of the yard. I stepped out for a closer inspection and she quickly gobbled it up. Uh oh, I knew that couldn’t be good.

As I got closer, she was very interested in a depression in the ground with some fuzzy synthetic material strewn about it. Kind of like what a bird would gather for a nest. I knew it was probably some kind of mammal though, and Cocoa had just completed a successful raid.

Sure enough, as soon as Cocoa got in the house she started to do that unpleasant thing that signals imminent digestive distress. I let her out again and discovered three tiny rabbits among the dog food and rawhide she had for breakfast.

Many apologies for the gross-out factor of this post, but I feel really bad that I failed to help those newborn bunnies and their momma. Dogs will be dogs, and cats will be cats, and I’ve seen my fair share of unfortunate baby birds and bunnies over the years. It would have been cool (even if only just this once) to watch a nest of rabbits grow up in the middle of my back yard.

Orphaned Baby Bunnies: Wild and Domestic

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