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LastFm AutoResume

    Instructions for auto-resuming the Last.fm Web radio service.

Ubuntu 10.04 (substitute any number of automated mouse click softwares for a different OS)

  1. Install KAutoClick from the Software Center
  2. Start the LastFm Web service with your favorite station
  3. Resize the LastFm window to only show the Slideshow
  4. Wait for the “Are You Listening” dialog to pop up
  5. Start KAutoClick with a 1 minute wait (60000 milliseconds)
  6. Move the mouse over the “Resume” button and leave it there
  7. KAutoClick automatically resumes the LastFm stream

Note: readjust the LastFm window as necessary to avoid clicking other links.

Update (2013-08-17): I created created a more robust auto-resume method that’s outlined here.

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